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Travel Card

The USDA Travel Card program provides travel charge cards to USDA employees through the GSA SmartPay 2 contract. The USDA travel card provides employees with access to government negotiated fares while allowing agencies greater visibility in to their travel spend

Travel Card Holder and Travel Card A/OPC Training

All Travel Card holders and Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPCs) are required to take the USDA Travel Card Training on the proper use of a Government Travel Card prior to receiving one. This course gives card holders and A/OPCs a better understanding of the policies and procedures for the Travel Charge Card and helps you and your agency maximize the benefits of the Travel Charge Card program.

Receive travel card training by searching for “USDA Travel Card Training” on AgLearn+

Benefits of the USDA Travel Card include:

  • The travel card is accepted worldwide
  • Access to discount government negotiated rates
  • Built in travel insurance
  • Eliminates the need for travelers to use their personal charge card
  • Travelers are no longer required to carry large sums of cash
  • Ability to monitor transactions and pay bill online
  • Improved oversight in travel spend
  • Charges are limited to travel related expenses