OCFO Conference/Training Templates

Agencies and Staff Offices must obtain pre-approval for any conference or training event, regardless of whether employees are attending the event, or the Agency/Staff Offices is hosting or sponsoring the event.

Proposed events must be submitted and approved via the CTAT system, in conformance with the approval levels listed in published guidance. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, an Agency/Staff Office needs to also submit a hardcopy request, they must complete and submit the applicable OCFO templates included below.

  • Conference and Training Security Assessment Guide
  • Conference Request Deputy Secretary Memorandum

    A completed memorandum, using your agency letterhead, must accompany each request.
    Ensure the necessary signatures, whether electronic or actual, are included.
    Identify whether your mission area (where indicated) and identify whether you are attending, hosting, or sponsoring the event.

  • Conference Attendance Request Template

    This fillable document should be complete if your agency’s participation is limited to ‘attending’ an event. If your participation includes hosting and/or sponsoring an event, use the Host or Sponsor Conference Request Template.

  • Host or Sponsor Conference Request Template

    This fillable document should be completed if your agency’s participation includes hosting and/or sponsoring and attending the event. If your participation is limited to just ‘attendance’ at an event, use the Conference Attendance Request Template.

  • Location Cost Worksheets

    This workbook includes a spreadsheet for ‘attendance’ participation and for ‘host or sponsor’ participation; complete the spreadsheet that corresponds to your agency’s participation for the event.

  • Attendee Detailed Cost Analysis Spreadsheet

    This spreadsheet should be completed for each event, whether participation is ‘attendance’, ‘hosting’, or ‘sponsoring’.  If your agency participation is ‘attendance’, you should complete one location spreadsheet; if your agency participation is hosting and/or sponsoring, you will need to complete three location worksheets.

  • Conference Planning Template
  • Agency Annual Conference Plans are due by August 31st each year. If the estimated expenses for a listed event exceed $75,000, an Attendee Detailed Cost Analysis Spreadsheet (ADCAS) must be submitted with the plan; both the plan and the ADCAS will be provided to the Deputy Secretary for review by EOM November each year.

  • Conference Transparency, Accountability, and Tracking Tool