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Our work in the Federal Government is more demanding than ever. We are expected to accomplish more with less. The ever-growing list includes working cohesively with other Federal and local Government entities, and providing guidance and oversight to contractors. We must also protect sensitive information, update information systems and evaluate our operations.

To address this workload, the last four administrations have implemented ways of optimizing processes and procedures within program and oversight areas. Today, top organizations are using Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma empowers employees to provide insight and direction. It also allows employees to help manage positive and continual change toward better processes. Most importantly, Lean Six Sigma eliminates waste.

While the U.S. Government does not compete daily for survival in competitive markets, the citizens and internal customers we do serve have very high expectations. Through a series of projects, measurements, analysis, improvements and controls, Lean Six Sigma will allow us to change over time. Under this methodology, we can review our processes several times a year. This cycle allows us to make small changes instead of large restructurings.

Waste is mainly found in the additional, non-value-added steps that a process accrues over time. Sometimes these steps act as a band-aid to correct problems with systems, work groups, communications or even management. Lean Six Sigma provides constructive tools to address these issues. The investment in this program shows our dedication to all of our employees' success.


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Last Modified: 04/30/2009