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section head About OCFO

Financial Operations

  • Guides and directs financial systems operations

  • Serves as USDA’s Chief Accountant and provides overall accounting operations oversight

  • Advises the CFO, other General Officers, and program managers on financial operations issues

  • Prepares timely and accurate financial reports for the OCFO and client agencies

  • Ensures the timely preparation of accurate and timely consolidated financial statements and associated processes to include elimination entries, FACTS reporting, governmental entries and certification of USDA external reporting necessary to compile the government-wide financial statements

  • Reviews and monitors the fees, royalties, rents and other charges imposed by USDA for services of value it provides, and makes recommendations on revising those charges to reflect costs incurred in providing those services and things of value

  • Provides fiscal and accounting services including those related to centrally funded activities and other activities as may be assigned

  • Monitors the financial execution of USDA’s budget in relation to actual expenditures and prepares timely performance reports for the Secretary

  • Develops timely and accurate USDA financial operating reports and consolidated financial statements necessary for annual audit

  • Accounting Policy and Consolidated Reporting Quality Assurance Controller Operations


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Last Modified: 05/09/2011