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You are here: Home / USDA Annual Plan FY 2003

USDA Annual Plan (whole report PDF 1.3MB)

FY 2004 Annual Performance Plan and Revised Plan for FY 2003

Table of Contents

Message from the Secretary (pdf 159k)
Introduction (pdf 127k)
Strategic Goal 1: Enhance Economic Opportunities for Agricultural Procedures (pdf 223k)
Strategic Goal 2: Support Increased Economic Opportunities and Improved Quality of Life in Rural America (pdf 156k)
Strategic Goal 3: Enhance Protection and Safety of the Nation's Agriculture and Food Supply
(pdf 224k)
Strategic Goal 4: Improve the Nation's Nutrition and Health (pdf 145k)
Strategic Goal 5: Protect and Enhance the Nation's Natural Resource Base and Environment
(pdf 183k)
Management Initiatives (pdf 140k)
Fiscal Year 2004 Program Level Allocations (pdf 435k)
Fiscal Year 2003 Program Level Allocations (pdf 493k)
Appendix A: Data Verification and Validation (pdf 200k)
Appendix B: Program Evaluations and Other Analyses (pdf 136k)
Appendix C: Major Management Challenges and Program Risks (pdf 204k)
Appendix D: Cross-Cutting Programs (pdf 138k)

USDA Annual Report
USDA Performance and Accountatility Report
USDA Strategic Plan

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Last Modified: 05/09/2011