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Office of the Chief Financial Officer
USDA Travel Express
United States Department of Agriculture

Contact Information

Questions about GovTrip, please contact your agency’s or office’s travel staff.

Need help resolving travel problems, please visit the GovTrip Help Desk Web page for for your agency or offices POC.

For help with your travel reservations, please contact your agencies TMC.

Users experiencing eAuthentication login problems,contact the eAuth help desk at 800-457-3642 or email

Travelers in need of assistance with navigation, operational or functional issues such as making reservations, running reports or processing your travel document, contact your FATA.

For assistance booking emergency travel reservations, call 866-569-5334.

If you are still waiting to be reimbursed 7 days after your voucher was approved, contact the Controller Operations Division Travel Inquiry Section at 800-421-0323 or